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The History  of Norman S. Wright

Norman S. Wright Sr. started the company in 1906 in San Francisco as a supplier of ventilation equipment to the marine industry. The Normans S. Wright Co. survived through earthquakes, the Great Depression and two World Wars continuing to serve the marine and naval industries. In 1933, Norman Wright Jr. joined the company as the company was expanding and entering the heating and ventilating field by representing several HVAC products. After serving in the armed services during World War 2, Norman Wright Jr. returned to become president of the company. He strengthened the company’s HVAC efforts by establishing 14 offices throughout the West from San Diego, California to Anchorage, Alaska.


Damage at Union Square after the devastating earthquake of 1906.
Damage cost estimates range from $400 million to $524 million.

In 1952, Norman Wright Jr. hired Bob Langmade to open an office in Phoenix and Norman S. Wright Co. SW was formed. In order to serve the Southwest, Offices and warehouses in Tucson, Albuquerque, And El Paso were established. In the 1970′s, Norman Wright Jr. retired and Norman S. Wright Co. SW became a separate organization from the original company in San Francisco. Today, Norman S. Wright Co. has over 50 employees and over 50,000-sq. ft. warehouse space to meet our customers’ needs.

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